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Here are the top chemical culprits to watch out for next time you turn to tampons…

Here are the top chemical culprits to watch out for next time you turn to tampons…

With tampons being one of the most popular choices of protection during your period, it’s only right that you know what goes in them before they go inside you.

Popular tampon brands are still using harmful chemicals and perfumes in their products, including bleach, to give them that extra white appearance.

Here are the top chemical culprits to watch out for next time you turn to tampons…


Known for being more absorbent than cotton, rayon is a synthetic, silk like material that has been associated with toxic shock (TSS). It’s always advised you use the lowest absorbency tampon for your flow, so avoid using anything synthetic that can impact product function.


Chlorine belongs in a swimming pool – not your vagina! It is used to help bleach materials, giving that bright white colour tampons are known for. Chlorine produces dioxins which, when used in tampon production, can be absorbed into your body and can take up to eleven years to get out of your system.


Produced from part of the bleaching process, dioxins can be very dangerous. More research is needed, but studies have shown associations with cancer and hormone interference due to it’s toxic properties. Once dioxins are released, they take a long time to break down making it an organic pollutant.


Vaginas are sensitive to PH changes, so much so, it’s advised you use natural soaps or even just warm water to clean yourself. Adding perfumes and fragrances to products increases risk of irritation, reactions, and bacterial infections.


BPA is used to make certain plastics. If you’re using plastic applicator tampons you’re at more risk of finding BPA in your product unless opting for cardboard options. BPA can cause skin irritations and sensitivity.

Non-organic cotton

If cotton is genetically modified, it is less absorbent meaning it is usually paired with another synthetic material like rayon. Non-organic cotton, is exposed to chemicals and bleach that you wouldn’t find in organic cotton.

Plant powered and plastic free is the way forward!

Studies have shown that 100% organic cotton tampons are the safest option. Hey Girls tampons are only made with 100% organic cotton, making them biodegradable and environmentally friendly too.

The high-quality cotton we use is certified and traceable all the way from soil, to production. It doesn’t need to be exposed to other chemicals, bleach or artificial materials and it’s natural absorbent properties will keep you leak free for up to 8 hours.*

Try our popular non applicator tampons with your next cycle. 

Remember, every product you purchase from us will be matched exactly as a donation to someone facing period poverty in Australia. Click the photo below to shop now.


*Always use the lowest absorbency tampon for your flow. Change your tampon every 4-8 hours to minimise risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS) and remember to always dispose of used period products in the bin, not flushed down the toilet.


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