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Making Periods Accessible for Everyone!

Making Periods Accessible for Everyone!

Have you ever considered how reusable period products can offer independence and confidence each month?

"bought for my daughter who has learning disabilities; now she doesn't need to ask for help or tell anyone she has her period..."

We’re good for equality at Hey Girls and believe that everyone deserves to have a dignified period.

Ease - For those with mobility issues, having to change products throughout the day can be challenging. Our reusable collection of period care can be warn for 10-12 hours making it easier to carry on with the day to day, taking the stress out of your cycle.

Independence – having a period is not something to be ashamed of and it should be a choice to keep it private should you wish. Our pants are so comfortable that several of our customers wear them when they are not even having their period for that extra protection from any leaks.

Soft Touch – we’ve heard feedback of how plastic-coated products, certain fabrics and even the sound of rustling can cause distress among those diagnosed with sensory disorders. We design everything to be comfortable on your skin with natural and chemical free materials – we have even removed labels from inside our pants too with all information and care instructions printed on the fabric itself.

Our pants and reusable pads in particular give you full control of your period in a choice of styles, sizes and absorbencies.

We’re for dignity, not for profit and continue to prioritise accessible, inclusive and sustainable periods for everyone.

"using reusables means I don't need to worry about where the money for my next period is going to come from..."

"game changer! very impressed with these!!"


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