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hey girls is female founded...

After experienceing period poverty first hand, Celia Hodson and her two daughters wanted to make sure no one else had to go through the same.

hey girls is female founded and initially family operated…

Our journey began in the UK back in 2018 as a kitchen table start up founded by mother daughter trio Celia Hodson, Kate Smith and Bec Lovely. After experiencing period poverty first-hand, we knew real change needed to happen which is why we created Hey Girls.

We wanted to make a big impact which is where the 'Buy One, Donate One' model was born but we also wanted to tackle sustainability too. We started developing our plant-powered product range and before we knew it, had expanded to over 20 members of staff across three locations in Scotland, England and Sydney.

25 million donated products later, we're proud to be multi award-winning and recognised as a major supplier to all types of organisations across the UK and now Australia.

We've had an incredible journey since we began and are very proud to have been part of some ground breaking changes.

social and ethical choices are at the heart of everything we do...

...from the people we employ through to our supply chain and consideration to the planet in everything. 

Since the beginning, we’ve donated over 25 million products to communities in the UK and intend on making just as big of an impact here in Australia. 

We think it's important our customers know that the donations generated by their purchases here, go on to help in Australia. It's another way we want to 'give back' by reinvesting in the local communities.

hi i'm Bec...

I'm your resident Sydney-sider and the Australia lead director, Co- founder and operations manager. I am lucky to be supported by a kickass team based here and in the UK.

We exist purely to end period poverty and offer everyone a dignified period in the process. All of the profits from our buy one, donate one business model goes directly into funding the fight for a better period for everyone.

we have three key goals...

- Eradicate period poverty in Australia

- Improve access to quality period products for everyone

- Increase awareness and education of period health

Every decision we make comes back to these core values.

let's make a difference...

According to the Period Pride Report 2021, period poverty in Australia still needs urgent attention. 1 in 5 people can’t access the products they need. 

We work with all types of organisations to ensure everyone can access free products; from corporate businesses, councils, public spaces and retailers to name just a few!

girl changing period product in bathroom

some Australian statistics...

22% had to improvise period products they use. (We've witnessed socks, newspapers and even bread being used as alternatives to period products!)

40% called in sick to work because of their period

48% missed classes because of their period

49% wore a tampon or pad for more than 4 hours because they didn’t have any more to use

51% missed out on socialising with their friends because of their period


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