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everything you need to know to talk confidently about periods...

Starting the conversation about periods can be daunting, knowing what to say and most importantly what not to say! 

If you’re a parent or carer of a young person we actively encourage you to get yourself clued up on periods, regardless of your child’s gender. Maybe your child is coming up to puberty and you would like to prepare yourself on how to talk confidently on the changes that their bodies might go through. We’re here to help! 

don’t leave dads out of the conversation…

Here at Hey Girls, we know that talking to young people about puberty can be awkward. Chatting about periods can be even harder, especially if you don’t experience them yourself. Obviously, every Dad is different – but many that we spoke to said they don’t know enough about periods to feel confident having ‘the chat’ with their kids. Chances are no one told them about periods when they were younger, or maybe they just feel a bit awkward and leave things to Mum.

We think it’s a bit nuts that around half the population has a period almost every month, but that they can still be seen as secret and shameful. We’re pushing for better education about periods in schools for all pupils so we can end the stigma around periods.

In the meantime, Dads have told us that they need a helping hand. So, we have created Pads 4 Dads – a quick overview by Dads for Dads – to help you have positive conversations with all your kids about periods.

“Let’s not leave dads out of the conversation!” – Michael Sheen, Actor, Activist,


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