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For parents and students

Everything you need for your class…

We have created some comprehensive lesson plans for teachers to use with students of all ages about periods. These lesson plans range from games like “period bingo” to more detailed information about female anatomy. Simply download the pack that corresponds to the age of student you teach and find all kinds of lesson plans for you to use for free. 

We always love hearing how you get on with running your own period workshop, please give us any feedback you receive from your students. Email if you need any further support. 

Hey Girls Education cards were designed to help start conversations about periods. We’ve found that one of the best ways to tackle this previously taboo topic is to get students talking and asking questions. The cards can be used by themselves during small group work or as teaching aids within lessons.

Download our 'Time Of The Month Book'

Periods can be overwhelming for all of us which is why we've created a go to guide that covers everything you need (and should) know about periods...

We believe in a better period for everyone, so enjoy our free, inclusive guide to periods full of important information, product tips, activities and period tracking chart.

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