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  • Carbon-Offsetting Shipping

  • Compostable or Recyclable Packaging


We believe everyone deserves a happy and healthy period; part of that means access to quality products that are not harmful to the environment.


All of our products and their packaging are sustainable, biodegradable or recyclable...we've even designed our reusable collection to be zero waste!

Period cups, pants and reusable pads come in an eco wash bag which is made from recycled plastic bottles and the cardboard packaging opens up to become a period tracking chart so there is nothing for you to throw away.

Going green doesn't stop at check out.

We've taken great care in considering the environment in all that we do. All of our orders are packaged up safely in compostable mailer bags and delivered to customers via a 100% carbon neutral postal service.

We’ve substituted traditional plastic tape with gummed paper that contains vegetable glue. It’s not only 100% recyclable and compostable but it's tamper-proof and keeps you products more secure in transit.

Green Parcels


Sustainable Sourcing.

All our suppliers must meet our key sustainability initiatives so that all our components are responsibly sourced. We’ve partnered with suppliers whose ingredients give back to their communities too.

It can be challenging to source specific organic, recycled and biodegradable components. They are often expensive; however, buying large volumes allows us to bring our customers the lowest impact and sustainably-made products at a lower price, while being eco-conscious.



We’re serious about climate change.

We’ve signed up to halve our carbon emissions by 2030 and end our contribution to climate change completely before 2050 ! It makes sense for our business, our customers and the planet. 

As a social enterprise that moves products across the globe, we’ve taken a greener approach to how we do things. Naturally, logistics is an area of our business that can be heavily polluting and we’ve taken responsibility to limit the damage our activity can cause.

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