Private & Public Sector Products

The Hey Girls Period Dignity campaign exists to assist employers, leisure and facility providers in making conditions more equal for people with periods at work and play.

This is your opportunity to do good for your workforce and your local community. You provide free hand soap and toilet roll, so why not period products too?!

We are a major provider of washroom services to the private and public sector and have secured contracts with Businesses, Government, higher tier local authority and academic partners across Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England. We will replicate this model across Australia, working closely with our partners to ensure everyone can access free period products.

Hey Girls period product dispenser collection in blue

We have won several awards for service excellence and product quality and continue to win big tender contracts.

Hey Girls has also become a leader in menstrual health education, offering free training to schools, colleges universities and public sector organisations on request.  We work with partners to provide additional resources including posters, press releases and local launch events through to sharing best practice guidance and dispensing advice  – all compiled with the aid of industry experts.

Our buy one,donate one model applies to large sector specific orders as well as independent online sales too.

If you want to do good for your employees, pupils and public, say hey to our team for all the details you need to get started.

Hey Girls education cards and resources