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Students of all ages should be able to focus on education without the worry of where their period products will come from that month.

with a shocking 48% of students missing classes due to their period, it's important education facilities support the supply of sustainable products.

Often products are kept in lockers or school bags which aren't always accessible during learning times. Some of your students may seem to avoid certain lessons like sport because of painful symptoms or for fear of starting their period unexpectedly while wearing shorts or during swimming.

We encourage schools to normalise periods by having products available in multiple washrooms and training multiple staff members or students on how they can support people with periods instead of having one dedicated area or person.

We have a selection of product dispensers to choose from that were developed by students on work placement with Hey Girls, all of which are made from sustainable
materials and designed to be self sufficient without the need for external washroom maintenance.

with hey girls you get more than our award-winning products as we emphasise the importance of period education as well.

Feeling prepared for periods and understanding symptoms of when a cycle may start is essential to ending the shame and stigma that can be associated with menstruation.

All education facilities will receive posters to accompany their supply and there is a selection of helpful lesson plans available for free on our website.

download our 'time of the month' book...

In our 'Time of the Month' book, we cover everything your students need to know about periods and we're proud that our resources are inclusive of everyone, discussing gender and diversity, menopause and 'problem periods' so everyone
can understand what a healthy cycle and symptoms should look like.

All of our resources are available for free online and please contact us for printed versions to distribute at school.


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