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  • you buy one.

    we donate one.

  • Carbon-Offsetting Shipping

  • Compostable or Recyclable Packaging

social impact

when you shop with hey girls, your products have purpose.

we match every sale exactly as a donation to someone facing period poverty in Australia. #buyonedonateone

our reusable products are designed to last between 5-10 years, so when we are able to donate a pair of period pants, period cup or full cycle kit, that person doesn’t have to worry about where their period care is coming from next month. 

our disposable range is also included as donations, offering quality, plastic free periods for those that prefer traditional period protection.

community partners:

access to period products is a right, not a privilege and we wouldn’t be able to get our donations to those that need it without the help of our community partners.

a community partner is a person or organisation that works closely with vulnerable groups of people. We’ve built great relationships with a network of partners from homeless shelters, food banks, women’s refuges and domestic violence shelters.

if you want more information on how to become a community partner, say hey to our team


we believe everyone deserves a dignified period so along with our donations, we also offer education. this covers everything from basic understanding of the menstrual cycle, how to use products and answering myths and misconceptions about periods too.

our education is inclusive to all ages and genders.

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