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Hey Girls Sustainable Reusable Period Products Australia

it’s been a long road, and we’re just getting started…

we're so proud of what we've accomplished so far...


500,000 period pads

Our first container of 500,000 period pads arrives into the UK, and Hey Girls launches online with bamboo and corn-starch pads.

first products sent to schools…

West Lothian schools became our first recipient of free period products for pupils in Scotland.

our first donation goes to…

'Young Women Scotland' become our first donation partner, receiving free period pads to distribute to their community. 

virgin start ups winner!

Hey Girls wins the 'Virgin Start Ups Scottish Business of the Year' award and were thrilled to be mentored by Sir Richard Branson!

first supermarkets to stock our products…

Waitrose and ASDA become first two supermarkets to stock Hey Girls products. We went live in both supermarket giants UK-wide with a double page spread in the 'Metro' to raise awareness of period poverty in the UK.


one million donations!

Hey Girls reached a massive milestone of over 1 million period product donations!

Pads4Dads is created…

Let’s not leave men out of the conversation. Education packs and resources designed to educate men on periods and how to have difficult conversations with celebrity support from actor and activist Michael Sheen.

working with Scottish government…

Hey Girls works with Scottish Government to provide free products to pupils and students across the country.  Pitched against the big end of town – we win the 'Washroom Solutions' contact for Scotland.


periods are a big issue!

In collaboration with 'Big Issue Magazine', we published the first ever supplement all about periods! Our magazine take over was devoted to putting an end to period poverty, stomping out stigmas and encouraging environmental activism.

sanitary or UNsanitary…

In a national campaign alongside advertising giants 'Adam and Eve', we changed the name of our products from ‘sanitary pads’ to ‘period pads’. We gained news coverage across the country for our creative work taking over supermarket shelves with the unsanitary items people living in period poverty are having to use.

period dignity movement…

Hey Girls encourage businesses across the UK to improve their period dignity. So far we have over 65 businesses improving their workplaces and washroom facilities.


Hey Girls community stands in solidarity to show their support for the ‘You Are Not Alone’ campaign supporting those who are facing domestic abuse.

2020 continued...

10 million donations!

Hey Girls reached a massive milestone of over 10 million period product donations!  

home pack scheme created…

In response to the global pandemic, we created a ‘home pack’ service which ensured people could still access free period care even if they couldn’t leave home. Working closely with councils across Scotland and Wales we were able to get over 880,000 period kits to those that needed it. 

don’t rush to flush…

We were the first company to advertise ‘do not flush’ on our period products. With the support of 'Scottish Water', our campaign encouraged people to think before they flush, saving tonnes of waste heading into our oceans and millions of pounds worth of water blockages.

period friendly business…

We launch, a space for employers to test their period policies – awarding top employers with gold, silver or bronze certification as a period friendly business, alongside tips on how to improve the workplace experience for their menstruating staff.

free periods for Scotland…

Scotland made history passing the free provision act. After years of campaigning, the hard work of many organisations, strong female leaders and campaigners finally paid off.


20 million donations!

Hey Girls reached a massive milestone of over 20 million period product donations!

do It In your pants TV campaign with sky…

The launch of our sustainable period pant range saw us working with 'Sky' to create a TV advertising campaign that encouraged the use of reusable period products. 


Our 'Seeing Red' campaign was designed to make people angry about period poverty. Check it out here.

our first lunch & learn…

We rolled out a ‘lunch and learn’ initiative to bring together our donation partners to tackle period poverty as one. We share education, listen to ideas, and develop our practices to support members of their communities the best we can.

finalists at COP 26…

Hey Girls made it to the top 5 of the 'Heroes of Net Zero' award at COP 26 global climate conference! We were recognised for our efforts in going green with the design of our zero waste packaging on reusable products.


150 donation partners!

Hey Girls now works with 150 donation partners to get our donated products to those that need it most.

world first app launched: pickUpMyPeriod

In a world first, we developed an app that allowed people all over Scotland to locate free period products in over 800 public locations. In collaboration with Scottish government, people can find products on the move, closest to home and even filter to product type to access disposable and reusable period care for free.

free vend dispenser launch…

Encouraging barrier free access to period care continues with the launch of our very popular ‘free vend’ wall dispenser. No monetary transactions take place meaning employees, customers and members of the public can access plastic free period pads and tampons as they need.

say hey to australia!

With 1 in 5 Australians unable to afford the period care they need, we have expanded into Sydney where co Founder Bec is taking on period poverty in one of the worlds most expensive countries.

women in sport collaboration…

Working closely with 'Women in Sport' to create a ‘Big Sister’ project educating and encouraging young people to improve confidence, conversations and wellbeing.


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