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we’re good for equality...

At Hey Girls we believe that access to quality period products is a right, not a privilege. No matter your background, personal circumstances or gender, we all deserve a better period.

We want to educate people on how poverty can look different for everyone and smash the taboo that you have to be facing extreme circumstances to access the basic care you need. 

Tight budgets can leave people forced to prioritise other purchases, leaving them without enough period products or without any at all.

Free access can keep people in school, improve concentration, help attendance at work, and support good health.

We provide products via our community partners to everyone who needs them – no questions asked. You do not have to explain your circumstances and we place no restrictions on the frequency or amount of products you need.

In addition to this, we’ve designed our products and packaging to be inclusive to all adapting the style of our period pants and educational resources to be gender neutral.

We continue to listen to people from the LGTBQAI+ community to understand the best way to be inclusive and actively encourage organisations to consider their approach to periods and equality as a whole.


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