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  • You Buy One.

    We Donate One.

  • Carbon-Neutral Shipping

  • Compostable or Recyclable Packaging

we’re good for nature...

It’s not always easy to know what goes into the products you buy...Hey Girls period products offer the functionality of plastic, without the pollution!

Our plastic free disposable products are made with sustainably sourced bamboo and 100% certified organic cotton and our reusable products are designed to last between 5-10 years preventing unnecessary waste.

We use natural materials without any hidden nasties like chemicals, bleach and toxins and our plant based ingredients are responsibly sourced and renewable.

Our range of reusable products are designed to be zero waste, with packaging that can be reused and repurposed for up to a year! The washbags included with our resuable products are made from recycled ocean bound plastic. 

We work closely with our manufacturers to ensure all our products are sustainable, and from the data collected below - you can see why!

200,000 tonnes of waste made up of disposable period products per year

11,000 disposable products are used on average per lifetime

4.8 disposable period products are found for every 100m of beach


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