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supply for workplaces...

Providing free period products for staff can improve productivity and show investment in their well being.

allow your staff to concentrate on what really matters.

Employers have access to a variety of options covering disposable and reusable products in their washrooms.

Promote your CSG targets by using a social enterprise and achieve your ESG goals by encouraging sustainable choices in your workplace.

Champion equality and diversity. Providing free period products is an inclusive initiative to ensure dignity for all of your employees.

We're flexible to your requirments and budget. We distribute everything from small product bundles to large bulk orders of loose products.

Say hey to our team to find out more and get started with an order.

there's so many reasons to supply hey girls products in your workplace:

Period poverty has a big impact on productivity and with 40% calling in sick due to their period, it could also improve attendance and overall wellbeing.

Business for good: Support small businesses by using a social enterprise supplier

Reduce your carbon footprint: Our panty liners, pads and tampons are plastic free, made with plant based materials and organic cotton

Set up for life: We also provide our reusable products so your staff are set up for 5-10 years!

Invest in your local community: Even our business orders are matched as donations, so you can give back to your team and your local community in Australia 

As an extension of our 'period dignity in the workplace' scheme, you will also receive:

- Free posters to display along side the products so your team can see the good you're doing

Everyone should be able to access quality period products, so we work with all budgets however big or small. We have a variety of options available for product displays too, from mini dispensers to wall mounted vending machines. All of our dispensers are accessible without barriers, so no monetary transactions take place.

 Show your employees how much you value them by stocking up your washrooms with free period products, contact us today to organise a quote.

supply for your staff...

40% of people have called in sick to work because of their period.

According to the Period Pride Report 2021, period poverty in Australia still needs urgent attention. 1 in 5 people can’t access the products they need.


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